Patricia Jacqueline Thyssen

Personal photo

Cargo: Professor Doutor I

PhD, University of Campinas

Dep. BIOLOGIA ANIMAL, IB, Unicamp, Campinas, SP


    Research lines

    • Parasites and environmental health
    • Biodiversity, conservation and environmental changes
    • Systematics and biogeography
    • Biology of terrestrial and aquatic animals

    Academic Background

    Graduated in Sciences (Biology) (1997). Master (2000) and Doctor (2005) in Parasitology, University of Campinas, UNICAMP, Campinas-SP. Postdoctoral at the Julio de Mesquita Filho State University, UNESP, Botucatu-SP (2005-2009) and UNICAMP (2009-2011). Currently, Professor and Researcher linked to the University of Campinas (UNICAMP). Permanent member of the Postgraduate Programs in Animal Biology and Ecology (UNICAMP). Works in the area of Parasitology and Entomology, with emphasis on: taxonomy, systematics and biology of Diptera (Muscomorpha), Forensic Entomology and Maggot Debridement Therapy.

    Research activities

    Biology, ecology and taxonomy of Diptera and Coleoptera of forensic importance. Larval therapy. Insect vectors and pests.

    Teaching activities

    Professor of Entomology, Medical and Veterinary Entomology, Natural History of Insects, Taxonomy and Systematics of Diptera Muscomorpha, Parasitology and Zooparasitology for undergraduate courses in Biology (bachelor and licentiate), Nursing, Food Engineering, Pharmacy and Medicine, and also for the postgraduate course in Animal Biology.

    Extension activities

    Dissemination courses for basic education on insects of forensic importance.

    Selected Publications

    Grella, Maicon D.; Savino, André G.; Paulo, Daniel F.; Mendes, Felipe M.; Azeredo-espin, Ana M.L.; Queiroz, Margareth M.C.; Thyssen, Patricia J.; Linhares, Arício X.; Phenotypic polymorphism of Chrysomya albiceps (Wiedemann) (Diptera: Calliphoridae) may lead to species misidentification. Acta Tropica, v.141, p. 60-72, 2015 [ doi:10.1016/j.actatropica.2014.09.011 ]

    Thyssen, Patrícia J.; Aquino, M.F.K.; Purgato, N. C. S.; Martins, E.; Costa, A. A.; Lima, C. G. P.; Dias Fº, Claudemir R.; Implications of entomological evidence during the investigation of fi ve cases of violent death in Southern Brazil. Journal of Forensic Science and Research, v.2, p. 1-8, 2018 [ doi:10.29328/journal.jfsr.1001013 ]

    Souza, C. M.; Pape, T.; Thyssen, Patricia J.; Oxysarcodexia Townsend, 1917 (Diptera: Sarcophagidae) ? a centennial conspectus. ZOOTAXA (ONLINE), v.4841, p. 1-126, 2020 [ doi:10.11646/zootaxa.4841.1.1 ]

    Thyssen, P.J.; Linhares, Aricio Xavier; First description of the immature stages of Hemilucilia segmentaria (Diptera: Calliphoridae). BIOLOGICAL RESEARCH, v.40, p. 271-280, 2007 [ doi:10.4067/S0716-97602007000400001 ]