Andre Rinaldo Senna Garraffoni

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Cargo: Professor Doutor I

Pós-doutorado, Universidade Estadual de Campinas

Dep. BIOLOGIA ANIMAL, IB, Unicamp, Campinas, SP


  • Biodiversity

Research lines

  • Systematics and evolution of biodiversity
  • Origin of life, evolution, ecology and biodiversity
  • Systematics and biogeography

Personal presentation

bachelor's at Ciências Biológicas from Universidade de São Paulo (1998), master's at Zoology from Universidade Federal do Paraná (2002) and doctorate at Zoology from Universidade Federal do Paraná (2006). Has experience in Zoology, acting on the following subjects: meiofauna, polychaeta, sistemática, taxonomia and análise cladística.

Research activities

Our research aims to study zoological taxa, such as Gastrotricha, Tardigrada, Kinorhyncha and Rotifera (also know as lesser-known protostome taxa) in oder to better understand the distinct evolutionary and biogeographical aspects of these freshwater and marine meiofauna organisms. Our ideia is integrate the distinct dimensions of meiofauna biodiversity - genetics, function, and phylogeny -based on in a broad framework that permits us to explore taxonomy, biogeography, molecular biology and evolutionary history

Selected Publications

garraffoni, andré R. S.; Lana, Paulo C.; garraffoni, a. R. S.; Phylogenetic relationships within the Terebellidae (Polychaeta?:?Terebellida) based on morphological characters. INVERTEBRATE SYSTEMATICS, v.22, p. 605-, 2008 [ doi:10.1071/IS07006 ]

garraffoni, andré R. S.; Lourenço, Anete P.; Araujo, T. Q.; Balsamo, M.; New data on freshwater psammic Gastrotricha from Brazil. ZooKeys (Online), v.60, p. 1-12, 2010 [ doi:10.3897/zookeys.60.495 ]

garraffoni, a. R. S.; Balsamo, M.; Is the ubiquitous distribution real for marine gastrotrichs? Detection of areas of endemism using Parsimony Analysis of Endemicity (PAE). PROCEEDINGS OF THE BIOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF WASHINGTON, v.130, p. 197-210, 2017 [ doi:10.2988/17-00011 ]

garraffoni, andré R. S.; Araújo, Thiago Q.; Lourenço, Anete P.; Guidi, Loretta; Balsamo, Maria; Integrative taxonomy of a new Redudasys species (Gastrotricha: Macrodasyida) sheds light on the invasion of fresh water habitats by macrodasyids. Scientific Reports, v.9, p. 2067-, 2019 [ doi:10.1038/s41598-018-38033-0 ]

garraffoni, a.R.S.; Sørensen, M. V.; Worsaae, K.; Di Domenico, M; Sales, L. P.; Santos, J.; Lourenco, A. P.; Geographical sampling bias on the assessment of endemism areas for marine meiobenthic fauna. CLADISTICS, v.37, p. 571-585, 2021 [ doi:10.1111/cla.12453 ]