László Károly Nagy

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Cargo: Professor Doutor I

Ph.D., University of Stirling

Dep. BIOLOGIA ANIMAL, IB, Unicamp, Campinas, SP



  • Biodiversity

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Selected Publications

Buscardo, E.; Geml, József; Schmidt, S. K.; Freitas, Helena; Cunha, Hillândia B.; nagy, L.; Spatio-temporal dynamics of soil bacterial communities as a function of Amazon forest phenology. Scientific Reports, v.8, p. 1-13, 2018 [ doi:10.1038/s41598-018-22380-z ]

Buscardo, Erika; Geml, József; Schmidt, Steven K.; Silva, Artur L. C.; Ramos, Rommel T. J.; Barbosa, Silvanira M. R.; Andrade, Soraya S.; Dalla Costa, Ricardo; Souza, Anete P.; Freitas, Helena; Cunha, Hillândia B.; nagy, Laszlo; Of mammals and bacteria in a rainforest: Temporal dynamics of soil bacteria in response to simulated N pulse from mammalian urine. FUNCTIONAL ECOLOGY, v.32, p. 773-784, 2018 [ doi:10.1111/1365-2435.12998 ]

Buscardo, Erika; Souza, Rômulo C.; Meir, Patrick; Geml, József; Schmidt, Steven K.; Da Costa, Antônio C. L.; nagy, Laszlo; Effects of natural and experimental drought on soil fungi and biogeochemistry in an Amazon rain forest. Communications Earth & Environment, v.2, p. 55-, 2021 [ doi:10.1038/s43247-021-00124-8 ]