Helena Cristina de Lima Barbosa

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Cargo: Professor Doutor II




  • Biomedical

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  • Signal transduction and pathophysiological mechanisms

Personal presentation

Associate Professor at Structural and Functional Biology- UNICAMP. She studied Biological Sciences at the University of Campinas (1999-2003). PhD in the Laboratory of Endocrine Pancreas and Metabolism, Department of Structural and Functional Biology, Institute of Biology of the same university, being part of this project developed at King's College London (2007-2008), in the Beta Cell Function Study Group. She was a Research Fellow at the Diabetes Study Group, Kings College London, 2009-2012, Fellowship in Diabetes-UK. Served as a Collaborative Researcher (Young Researcher-Fapesp Scholarship and Fellowship) in the Laboratory of Endocrine Pancreas and Metabolism (2013-2014). Currently, she is Adjunct Professor in the IB at University of Campinas, teaches students in the postgraduate course in Functional and Molecular Biology, and co-counselor in the postgraduate Multicentric course. She acts in undergraduate and postgraduate education and in the investigation of the molecular mechanisms involved in insulin secretion, beta cell maintenance and glycemic homeostasis. She has experience in the field of cell signaling, development and pancreatic beta cell function. She is an associate researcher at the Leopoldo de Meis National Network of Education and Science (RNEC). She is an associate researcher at the Obesity and Comorbidities Research Center (OCRC), UNICAMP, Chair of Undergraduate Studies at Institute of Biology-UNICAMP, and Vicente's mother.

Selected Publications

barbosa Hc; Bordin, Silvana; Stoppiglia, Luiz Fabrizio; Silva, Ke; Borelli, Mi; Del Zotto, H; Gagliardino, J. J.; Boschero, Antonio Carlos; Islet Neogenesis Associated Protein (INGAP) modulates gene expression in cultured neonatal rat islets. Regulatory Peptides (Print), v.136, p. 78-84, 2006 [ doi:10.1016/j.regpep.2006.04.015 ]

barbosa H; Bordin, Silvana; Anhê, Gf; Persaud, Sj; Bowe, J; Borelli, Mi; Gagliardino, J. J.; Boschero, Antonio Carlos; Islet neogenesis-associated protein signaling in neonatal pancreatic rat islets: involvement of the cholinergic pathway. Journal of Endocrinology, v.199, p. 299-306, 2008 [ doi:10.1677/joe-08-0309 ]

barbosa-sampaio, Helena C.; Liu, Bo; Drynda R; Rodriguez De Ledesma, Am; King Aj; Bowe, J; Malicet C; Iovanna, J.; Jones, Peter M.; Persaud, S.; Muller, Dany S.; Nupr1 deletion protects against glucose intolerance by increasing beta cell mass. DIABETOLOGIA, v.56, p. 2477-2486, 2013 [ doi:10.1007/s00125-013-3006-x ]