Elizabeth Bilsland

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Cargo: Professor Doutor I

Postdoc University of Cambridge, PhD Gothenburg University




  • Biotechnology

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Has a PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology - Göteborg University , Sweden (2004 ) and post- doctorate in Biochemistry at the University of Cambridge ( United Kingdom - 2004 to 2015 ) . Is currently assistant professor in the Department of Structural and Functional Biology (Cell Biology area) Institute of Biology , State University of Campinas (UNICAMP). Has experience in genetics and biochemistry with emphasis on synthetic biology. Uses Saccharomyces cerevisiae as a platform for the discovery of new drugs. This includes the genetic engineering of various metabolic pathways of the yeast for screenings on a large scale . Develops modulators of heterologous metabolic pathways in yeast works on the identification of new compounds with antiparasitic activity, performs chemical-genomic profiling for the indentification of mode of action of natural compounds with antiviral, antibacterial or antiparasitic activity, and works on the identification of cellular drug import mechanisms.

Research activities

The current COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the vulnerability of our society to infections diseases. Whilst the current media focus is centered on SARS-CoV2, we must be prepared for the threat posed by drug-resistant parasites, fungi, and bacteria. The Synthetic Biology Laboratory (LaBS) was established in 2016 and is based on synthetic biology as a tool for drug discovery, using yeast and bacteria as hosts for heterologous expression and a platform for genome-wide screens. We have 3 well-established lines of investigation, which can further be improved and rapidly yield results. We are also introducing a novel highly ambitious line of research, taking advantage of our strong international collaboration network, for the development of novel antimicrobials inspired by secondary metabolites from native actinomycetes, filamentous fungi, or plant species.

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Teaching in Cell biology and Synthetic Biology

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Coordinator of the iGEM - UNICAMP team